The Nutrition Place


The Nutrition Place is a unique and innovative education center focusing on the art and science of food. Established by a group of professional Nutritionists and Dietitians with a passion for food, nutrition and good health, we conduct courses, workshops and activities for both children and adults.

Our vision is to improve health through better knowledge and understanding of how food, diet and lifestyle play crucial roles in everyone’s well-being. At The Nutrition Place, we equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools to help you make positive decisions, and take the right steps, to improve your diet and your health.

We know that changing your lifestyle and adopting new habits, no matter how good they are for you, can be daunting. So, we’ve set ourselves the task of creating engaging and enriching activities that help and guide you in achieving long-term wellness through good nutrition, without having to give up the pleasures of food that we all enjoy!


Pauline Chan

• Director, Nutrition and Health Programs
• Senior Dietition
• Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
• Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, New York University.
• Advanced Certificate in Training and Delivery and Assessment, Workforce Developement Agency, Singapore.
• American Dietetic Assiciation ( Registed Dietition )

Chin Chin Law

• Manager, Nutrition and Health Programs
• Senior Dietitian
• Bachelor of Dietetics with Honours (Distinction) Universiti Kebangsann Malaysia.
• Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association